The Best Bathroom Plants

Yesterday I talked about the plant shaped Teano Chrome Designer Heated Towel Rail, and while it’s an attractive and quality product there are some benefits that it doesn’t have when you compare it to other things. I’m talking about the benefits of having plants in the bathroom of course, a road you should really be going down if you want to inject that perfect spa-like atmosphere into your humble bathroom abode.

Plants aren’t just great in the bathroom, personally I like to have one in every use in the house, but there’s one particular reason why they’re perfectly suited to the room we all spend quite a bit of time in. As well as bringing a touch of nature into our homes plants are also great at promoting stress relief, creating a tranquil healthy environment that has good Feng shui (if you’re into all that). Remember that plants need natural light though, so unfortunately you’re out of luck if your bathroom doesn’t have any windows. You also have to consider where the plant is going to be in the bathroom. For example, a tropical plant might be ok in a dimly lit corner of the bathroom, while another plant may need direct sunlight by sitting on the windowsill. The beauty of having plants in the bathroom though is that there is plenty of water from the bathroom taps around, so you won’t forget to water them in a hurry. It’s worth noting that not all plants should take tap water though, some need to have distilled water as tap water can contain chemicals that are harmful to the plant.

So, in order to create the zen like spa bathroom we all yearn for, it comes down to selecting the best bathroom plants. Obviously not all house plants will be suitable for a bathroom environment, you need to swing more towards plants that would suit a warmer tropical environment yet also do well when the temperature cools. Putting in a plant that can’t handle the warm steam put out by a shower, for example, will only lead to a plant that has stunted growth, dries out and eventually dies. A room littered with dying plants isn’t relaxing for anybody. To avoid that lets take a look at some great plants that can safely be put in your bathroom.

Peace Lily – Peace Lily’s are well suited to creating that tranquil atmosphere because of peace lilytheir glossy green leaves and gorgeous white blooms. They’re one of the easiest plants to take care of, as long as you’re careful not to overwater the plant (wait until the top inch of the soil is dry before you water thoroughly, if you have overwatered the plant the tips of the leaves will turn brown). Keep the plant out of direct sunlight but make sure it has enough sunlight to allow it to bloom.

Image by Tahmid Munaz on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Lucky Bamboo – This unique plant tends to have twisting upright stems, with long arching green leaves spouting from it. If you’re going down the Feng shui root then this is lucky bamboothe perfect plant, as it has long believed to enhance chi energy and bring you good luck. Basically, it’s a nice little plant that helps promote a peaceful atmosphere. Stand it in an opaque vase of water with pebbles, again keeping it out direct sunlight to avoid burning but giving it enough bright light to make sure it looks good all year-round. Water the plant every week or two, adding fertiliser every 2 months. There are some detailed tips on looking after lucky bamboo through this link.

Image by netsnake on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Orchids – To bring a bit of colour to your bathroom consider putting in some orchids. Theypink orchid end up having big blooms with striking bright colours in spring that can brighten up any dull looking room. It’s best put in a hanging basket, with bright indirect light throughout the year. When the blooms start growing in spring give it a pruning to encourage a fuller growth, watering regularly at this time but irregularly during the winter – although avoid letting it dry out.

Image by Sonja Pieper on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Rabbit Foot Fern – The majority of ferns will work well in bathroom environments due torabbit foot fern the high humidity they require, but this particular fern is one of the easiest to take care of. This plant has a lush green foliage, but you’re probably going to want to know why it has the name it does. The furry hangovers have the appearance of rabbit’s feet, giving this plant a wholly unique feature. They do require a lot of moisture though, so make sure to mist them every day or as needed to avoid them drying out. Again, keep it out of direct sunlight and keep the soil moist up until the winter, where you should instead allow the top inch to dry out between watering’s.

Image by skrobotic on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Spider plant – I used to have one of these in my old bathroom, and it’s a great plant if spider plantyou’re just getting started in the world of bathroom plants. They look fantastic, overflowing from the pot with long slender green leaves with a white stripe running down the middle. After a while they’ll sprout small white flowers at the tips of the stems too, which contributes to its overhanging spidery appearance. It needs bright light, although not direct sunlight, should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist and can tolerate average room temperatures (although make sure it doesn’t get too cold in the winter).

Image by madaise on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Grape ivy – Perfect for a hanging basket the grape ivy is an evergreen vine with each grape ivycompound leaves fitting in 3 leaflets. It’s great for a houseplant, especially for the bathroom as it likes a bit of humidity and should be misted with good air circulation to prevent it from drying out. It can grow quite long though, so take to pruning it every spring and water it generously from then on. During winter give it less water and allow the top inch to dry between watering’s. It’s fine for slightly cooler temperatures during winter, but try not to let it fall below 10°C.

Image from Better Homes & Gardens plant encyclopaedia.

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