Monday Moment #5: Longing For a Tropical Bath

window bath

If there’s one topic that we love talking about here in the UK it’s the weather. We’ve been having a bit of a bad time with it recently – such as heaps of snow – so understandably it’s been a hotly debated topic. The weekend we’ve just waved goodbye to was no different, and with forecasters predicting warmer temperatures we were all ready to celebrate being in spring proper, except with this being the UK it didn’t quite turn out like that. Sure, the sunny skies came for an hour or two, but they quickly departed to be replaced by strong winds and spattering’s of rain. Any warm temperatures were quickly eliminated by wind chill and getting soaked – so much for the lovely weekend!

Anyway, the disappointing weather has got us thinking about warmer climates and sunning ourselves. We probably will get that opportunity during the summer, at least for a day or two, but what person doesn’t dream of getting away from it all for a while and simply relaxing in a tropical environment? While we can’t give you that, plus the bags of money it takes to do such a thing, we can offer you this Monday Moment picture so you can at least pretend you’re there; at least that’s what we’re doing anyway!

This bath looks like it’s been hollowed out of a natural rock formation simply for our pleasure. Relaxing in this luxurious looking bubble bath, with a warm sea breeze blowing in over the beautiful palm trees, is something we’re all allowed to dream about from time to time. Take 5 minutes and imagine you’re there, it may not do you the world of good that this bath would but at least it will cheer you up for a while, until you realise you’re not actually there! It’s not the end of the world though, get a few candles for your bathroom and you can close your eyes and picture yourself here, it’s the next best thing!

Ok, maybe not, but at given that the lady in the picture has had to put down a towel to rest her head on we’re betting that the rock would be quite uncomfortable on your head. That’s about the only thing we can pick out that’s wrong with this picture though, which is a shame. Oh well, maybe our temperature will climb above more than mild sometime soon.

If you’re after a relaxing bath then ours will more than meet that goal, although we apologise that we can’t automatically teleport you to a tropical climate.

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