Monday Moment #2: Relax in a Luxurious Greek Bathroom

It’s Monday again, and with the snow falling on our corner of England you wouldn’t be blamed for beginning to think about where you should go on holiday this year for some nice sunny days – because it doesn’t look like we’re getting any here anytime soon! Today’s Monday Moment might want you to get booking that holiday as soon as possible, imagining yourself in the beautiful bathroom that we’re giving you a snapshot of today.

Begonia Greece Villa

The Greek bathroom above lies inside the Villa Beongia, which is apparently “considered one of the most exclusive and luxurious villas in the Mediterranean”. In other words it means I’ll never get to visit it, but one can dream! Relax in the bath with stunning views of the Mediterranean beyond, while the stone wall gives the room a natural look. My pokey little bathroom isn’t anywhere close to being in the same league.

Greece, the location of the villa, is a lovely place to go on holiday and – if we’re being honest – it could do with all the tourism income it can get given the financial troubles there. Surrounded by the sea this villa is two indoor and outdoor pools, so you’re never spoiled for choice about where you can swim. Check out the huge taps in the largest indoor pool!

Although you can stay in all four of the villas featured here, you’ll probably want to start saving now to be able to afford a dip in this simply stunning greek bathroom! If not, you could always just get a luxury bath of your own, which are lush enough no matter where you are in the world.

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